Hair Gallery Blogger’s Event at The House of RUSH

So, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the #RushHairGallery blogger’s event in Piccadilly the other night. I was so excited when the invite popped into my inbox, as this was the first blogger’s event I’ve been able to attend!

Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush

I met up with Gemma and Beckie before the event, so we could have a quick drink, grab a bite to eat and have a chat. It was so nice to finally meet them – we’ve been talking for a while on Twitter so it was lovely to finally say hello in person. If you don’t know these two ladies go and give their blogs some love – they’re good’uns!

When we first walked in, we were given our name badges and offered a healthy drink or a glass of bubbly. Obviously we went for the bubbly! I was so pleased to see that it was fairly busy, as when we had walked past earlier it was dead empty, and we didn’t want to be the first to arrive!

We were briefly shown a range of Kerastase products, which all smelt absolutely amazing and had some really gorgeous packaging! There were so many products on display, it was a little overwhelming for someone who normally is too lazy to even blow dry her hair!

It was then that I started feeling more comfortable in my surroundings. Once I’d taken off my big coat and trusty backpack (I always bring far too much stuff when I go to London, I like to be prepared) I whacked out my camera and began snapping away.

Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush

How cute are the little sayings around the juices!? Looking at these photos I am so gutted I didn’t try a cupcake, too!

After we had mingled and snapped some photos, we sat down with one of the stylists to have our Hair Masterclass. They asked us what we were struggling with, or what look we wanted to learn how to achieve, focusing around the #done or #undone look. As my hair is naturally wavy, an #undone look is my go to. I’ve only got ghd straighteners though, and have never been able to create the loose, messy curl look that looks so beautiful and effortless.

My stylist showed me how to enhance my natural waves – picking the sections of hair that naturally came together and curling them loosely. He showed me some different techniques with ghd straighteners, and also introduced me to a ghd curling wand. I’ve fallen in love with the wand, it was so easy to use and I’m definitely going to have to purchase one when I have some spare money.

He also gave me some great tips, like layering up a product – use it when your hair is wet, dry it with the product in, and then reapply when dry to get maximum results. He also told me to make sure I’m letting my curl cool and set for 10 seconds before playing around with it – I always forget that step!

Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of RushJodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush

Urgh, these photos make me cringe – look at my awful posture! I must remember to sit up straight! I can’t remember the name of my stylist but he was so great – so easy to talk to and made my hair look absolutely amazing in only 10 minutes! I’m so annoyed I forgot to get a photo of the finished look – oops!

I was so nervous about attending the event, but now I feel so silly for being so nervous! It was such a relaxed atmosphere, everyone was really lovely and chatty and it was great talking to the staff about being a blogger and about all the different RUSH salons. I cannot believe how quickly they transformed my hair and I can’t wait to be able to try out the new techniques I’ve learnt! They even were kind enough to give us all a goodybag to take away with us – I can’t wait to start trying out the products!

I would never have thought to go to a RUSH salon before but now I know they will be my go-to – everyone was so kind and you just felt at home as soon as you walked through the doors. That’s my kind of salon!

Jodetopia Rush Hair Gallery House of Rush

If you want to experience this yourself, head over to The House of Rush in Piccadilly and take part in your own Hair Styling Masterclass! These sessions are available to book now, and your very own stylist will help you learn how to create a look you can go home and recreate yourself. Go for a messy wave like I did, or maybe a quick #done updo? The choice is yours!

Whats your go to #done or #undone look? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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