Helping Your Child Develop their Critical Thinking Skills

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Helping Your Child Develop their Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is going to be hugely crucial to a child’s overall development. We use the critical thinking part of our brain more often than we think – providing us with the chance to say the right thing at the right time. It helps us make decisions and help others with their problems.

But to guide children in learning how to think critically, there are a lot of different ways you can help. This nursery in Hertfordshire has some top tips to help you get started.

Guide them through play

Play time is always critical at a young age and should be what you use to teach your child about a lot of big world concepts. Critical thinking is boiled down to the many interactions and changes we make on a daily basis.

Use toys, building blocks and other games to get your child learning how to think for themselves. From the moment a toy breaks, something gets spilled, or your child drops a toy they begin to use critical thinking to see what they should do next.

Ask your child questions

When something happens in front of your child, ask them what they would do to fix the situation. It may not be the right answer straight away but it helps them learn to think and talk openly about their decisions. Open conversations help a child learn from their parents what they would do in difficult situations.

Provide opportunities to learn from mistakes

We all make mistakes and it’s a big part of how we learn. Children will learn to get used to this process by having plenty of ways to help them overcome when issues arise and how they can improve for next time. This is a great way to help children think and plan their next moves in different situations.


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