How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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How to raise a compassionate child

No parent likes to think of their child being rude or unpleasant towards another, or even worse, being a bully. However, unless children are taught the importance of empathy and compassion, it will be difficult for them to know how to treat people. So, if you’re wondering what you can do to help raise a compassionate child, here are some tips from a private girls’ school in Hertfordshire.


Teach Your Child to Recognise Feelings


If your child can recognise different emotions, in themselves and in others, they will find it easier to empathise with others and react accordingly. For instance, if they understand that someone who is crying is probably upset, they will know that that person might appreciate having someone to talk to or perhaps being offered a hug or a tissue.


Next time you’re watching something on TV together, pause the program/film and ask your child how they might feel if they were in the character’s shoes. What might they do to overcome the challenge? This will teach your child perspective and encourage them to think about others.


Praise Your Child for Acts of Kindness


If you notice your child playing nicely with their friend or sibling, sharing their toys and taking turns, be sure to praise them afterwards. Let them know that you are proud of them for being kind and generous, so that they are more inclined to do the same thing going forward.


The same applies for when they are helpful. Next time they give you a helping hand with the household chores, let them know how it made you feel. Tell them that you appreciate them. If they are aware of how their actions make a difference towards others, they are more likely to do it again.


Be a Good Role Model

Show your child what it means to be compassionate and kind to others. Help your elderly neighbour bring their groceries in from the car or offer to mow their lawn. Deliver some homemade soup or a care package to your friend if they are sick. Try and find ways to demonstrate benevolence on a regular basis so your child is able to learn from the best.


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