How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Optimism is a big part of everyone’s life and teaches people how to handle a range of situations without feeling overwhelmed, facing resilience and how to face adversity. It’s something children should naturally feel when faced with a range of situations, and as parents we can show our children how to be positive in all walks of life.


In this guide from a private school in London, we explore the many ways you can raise an optimistic child from a toddler’s age right through to adulthood.

Try out a range of hobbies

To explore your child’s interests, it’s best to let them explore the world around them however best you can. Take your child to a range of different sessions that let them explore hobbies, such as gymnastics, football, arts and crafts, or organisations like Brownies or Scouts. Have them look into activities that they would want to try as well, and allow them to pursue them. If they’re allowed to explore these activities, they’re more likely to feel confident and engaged, as well as improving their own mood.


Encourage them to keep a journal

A journal will allow your child to explore their feelings over time, address levels of conflict in their eyes and how they can handle difficult situations in the future. It’s also a safe space for your child to reflect on things that have happened in their days privately, without the need for your direct intervention each time. This, naturally, builds a child’s confidence skills and their independence.


Ask your child what they feel thankful for

A good habit to get into is exploring with your child what exactly makes them happy, and how they feel about them. Ask your child on a regular basis what they feel thankful for, and let them speak their mind. You may find that they’re quite thankful for a lot of different things, and it can give them the chance to speak up and feel happy about what they get to experience.


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