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When the whole bushy eyebrow trend started appearing on catwalks a few years ago, women all around the world screamed in fear. We had been brainwashed for the past few decades into believing that plucking our eyebrows into these tiny lines, that look like a frown a child would draw on a stick man, was beautiful. Then along come Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke, embracing their natural, hairy, bushy selves. A lot of us have ruined our natural brows – plucking away at the hair follicles so much that they point blank refuse to grow anymore. When I was told that there was a product which could combat this and stimulate the growth of these oh so stubborn hairs on our browbone, I was eager to give it a go. Quickmax. Lets see what you can do.

Quickmax, Eyelash Growth Enhancer, Serum, Eyebrows, Jodetopia

Quickmax* is an eyelash growth enhancer that also works on eyebrows. It promises the growth of visibly longer, thicker eyelashes in as little as 7 days. That is a pretty impressive claim right there! The instructions seem pretty basic: Apply along your lashline like you would an eyeliner, or on your eyebrows, every evening before you go to sleep. I do love a product that is quick and easy to use!

I was a little skeptical, as I didn’t really see how rubbing this liquid into my skin would make my hair grow so drastically. So, I did a little research. Turns out the ingredients have many benefits, including building up tissue to anchor the hair follicle, an enzyme to stimulate hair growth, as well as a hair follicle stimulant. The ingredient list also contains hyaluronic acid – an ingredient known to improve hydration and appearance of skin. The serum is also said to repair dry, brittle or damaged lashes and brows. And breathe. That was a long list!

Quickmax, Eyelash Growth Enhancer, Serum, Eyebrows, Jodetopia

So… did it work? Well yes, and no, really. At first I only used the serum on my eyebrows, because I was nervous to use it on my eyelashes straight away in case of irritation. Luckily, there was no irritation whatsoever, and I have fairly sensitive skin – so that’s a good sign!

Whilst I did start to see some new eyebrow hairs poking through a rather stubborn bald patch on my eyebrows after about a week and a half of consecutive use, I wouldn’t say the results were life-changing. As time went on, I started forgetting to apply the serum – although it only takes literally 20 seconds, I kept falling out of the routine of applying it. When you forget to apply the serum and are only using it every now and then, you don’t see any results. You’ve really got to be committed to applying it every. single. night.

What about my eyelashes? Well, if I’m honest, I didn’t notice any growth of my eyelashes whatsoever. I’m sorry – I really wish I had better news for you guys, but the truth is I just really couldn’t tell a difference at all. I was hoping I’d have some crazy unbelievable before and after pictures to show you, but…. nope. Bummer.

Quickmax, Eyelash Growth Enhancer, Serum, Eyebrows, Jodetopia

My overall opinion? For £49.00, it’s pretty darn pricey – I would say unless you are DESPERATE for longer brows/lashes, and willing to commit (remember) to applying the serum every single night – then embrace your natural beauty and invest in a good mascara and brow kit.

What do you think of eyelash and eyebrow growth serums? Would you try them? Let me know in the comments below!

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