Guest Post – Essentials: The 5 top items for a minimalist makeup bag

Last Saturday I introduced Becky from The Lifestyle Blogger UK as a guest poster on my blog, and today I’m bringing you yet another guest poster! I’ve really enjoyed working with both of these lovely ladies and exploring their own blogs – it’s probably my favourite thing to sit down with a cuppa and discover new bloggers. This week’s guest post is by Amanda from LDN Rose, and she’s put together her top 5 items for a minimalist makeup bag!

Like most people, there are many things in one’s life that could do with a de-clutter once in a while. Unlike most people, I am a little OCD so this tends to happen more often than not. This post is actually inspired by a book I discovered a little over a year ago. The book is by Marie Kondo, titled; ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’.

Kondo’s book is mainly based around one theme. The concept is simple, when going through all your belongings you simply ask yourself “does this spark joy?”. When you wear it, use it, see it… Does it spark you joy or make you happy? The answer will dictate whether or not you keep it or throw it out.

One of the easiest things to clear out would be your everyday handbag. If you’re like me, you probably look in your handbag every once in a while, and find that you have accumulated a number of items you don’t even use! I actually wrote about this on my blog a little while ago that you can read here. But we’ll start small for today and just focus on tidying up your make-up bag.

minimalist makeup bag, MAC makeup, Jodetopia, LDN Rose, Guest Post

minimalist makeup bag, MAC makeup, Jodetopia, LDN Rose, Guest Post

Keeping it simple… or not?

In order to keep your make-up bag minimal, you firstly need to know what your ‘everyday’ make-up look is going to be. It will mainly be neutral colours and shades. So think about the essential key items and what you wear most.

Things like an everyday nude or light coloured lipstick would be a good start. For the party animals that often go for a mid-week drink after work, a bright red lipstick can also be essential. This one simple additional lipstick can change up your whole look.

The basics

The next four items depend on how you wear your make-up for your usual day look. If like me, you prefer neutral tones and shades, you just need to keep it to a few basics such as:
Skin – powder foundation or pressing powder, highlighter
Eyes – eyebrow pencil or definer
Lips – Nude lipstick or lipgloss

minimalist makeup bag, MAC makeup, Jodetopia, LDN Rose, Guest Post

Keeping it minimal

The key to keeping your make-up bag minimal would be to only carry the necessities for touch-ups. Think about those 3 or 4 items you use regularly throughout a day and make them your essentials. Do you really need to carry a bronzer or blush if you won’t be using it?

I also recommend regular clear outs of all of your make-up items as these all have recommended ‘use by’ dates. Liquid or cream based items like lipsticks, mascara and foundation should be thrown out after 3 months. Whereas powder based items will have a longer life. If you’re prone to acne or skin irritation than I would also recommend refreshing your brushes and pencils often.

So there are my top tips to keeping a minimalist make-up bag. Do you have your own tips to share? Would love to hear some of your own tips, so please tweet me at @arcasela or leave some comments below!

There we have it – what great tips! I know I could definitely do with having a good clear out of my everyday makeup bag, and this post has definitely got that inspiration flowing – thanks Amanda! I also keep meaning to read ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ – it’s been on my to read list now for far too long! Don’t forget to head over to Amanda’s blog to see some of her other posts, like 5 CV hacks to bag your next job and a super smart guide of what to wear to work!

What do you think of Amanda’s tips? Would you like to see more guest posts on Jodetopia? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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