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 Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children


Did you know that there are teas, specifically made for children, so you can both enjoy a cuppa together?! I didn’t either, that is, until Small & Wild came along! If you’re thinking about introducing tea to your child, or maybe you’re looking for a way to up your child’s fluid intake or create a mindful moment for your child throughout the day, Small & Wild are the teas you need.


Firstly: can I give my child tea?

When deciding whether or not to give your child tea, there’s a few factors you need to consider. Firstly, tea usually contains caffeine, which is unsuitable for children. Tea is also usually brewed and drunk whilst hot, which obviously could be a burn risk to young children. Some people also add sugar or sweeteners to tea, which can lead to teeth decay in both adults and children.

There are, however, teas that are suitable for and made especially for children, so if you want to introduce tea to your child then a brand I can recommend is Small & Wild.


Who are Small & Wild?

Small & Wild was founded back in 2017 by two mums, Kate and Becky, who wanted to share their love for tea with their children, and create tea that can be enjoyed by the whole family. They aimed to make a versatile tea that could be enjoyed both warm and cold, providing hydration and comfort, yet still tasting great. 

Their teas are blended and packed in Kent, and they are committed to making their products and packaging both people and planet-friendly. 


Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children

Small & Wild Herbal Teas for Children

Small & Wild sent us a selection of their teas to try out. They have a huge range, but we were lucky enough to sample the following selection:


What did I like about the Small & Wild herbal teas for kids?

It’s safe to say that we’ve been converted into herbal tea drinkers in this household now! Here are the standout things we liked about the Small & Wild tea…


The fruit tea tastes great!

I’m not a huge lover of flavoured tea – it can be a bit hit and miss for me, personally. Of course I had to sample the tea before giving it to my son and I was pleasantly surprised – they’re packed full of flavour without it being overwhelming or overly fragrant. I’ve had quite a few cups since – Arthur never manages to finish a cup! – and I particularly enjoy the Jolly Croc Tea, with flavours of Banana, Strawberry and Apple. Arthur seems to enjoy it too – when I asked him how it tasted the first time he tried it, his exact words were: ‘ yummy in my tummy’!


Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children

Blended and packed in Kent

Being a Kent family blogger, we all know I love supporting fellow Kent businesses, so when Small & Wild told me their teas are blended and packed in Kent, I was absolutely thrilled. There’s just so many hidden gems in Kent!

Caffeine Free

I’m quite conscious of my personal caffeine intake – experience has taught me that too much daytime caffeine really affects my sleep of a night. Of course, some people aren’t as physically affected by caffeine – hooray for them!- but we all know that too much caffeine is not good for children. As Small & Wild are fruit teas, they are naturally caffeine free, so you can serve them up a nice cuppa with zero worries about their caffeine intake. 

PS – don’t forget that chocolate has caffeine too!

No added sugar

Small & Wild teas are 100% natural with no added sugar or nasties. You can rest easy knowing that whilst a cuppa may feel like a ‘treat’ for your child, they’re a perfect addition to your child’s healthy and balanced diet. 


Jolly Croc Fruit tea for children Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children

Great packaging!

I can’t lie, I’m a complete sucker for aesthetically pleasing packaging. I have, and probably always will, buy products purely because they look good. The illustrations on the Small & Wild teas are beautiful and just so visually appealing to adults and children alike. Not only do they look good, but the boxes are practical, too – they have a little triangle on the side of the pack so you don’t have to faff around opening the box each time you want to make a cuppa, you can just pull a tea bag out. Or at least that’s what I’ve been doing anyway, and I feel like I’ve completely hacked the system. Do adult tea boxes do this? Because our good old Yorkshire Gold bulk tea box certainly doesn’t.

Their FSC-certified cartons are also both recyclable and biodegradable (as well as being produced using sustainably sourced renewable resources!), and their tea bags are fully compostable. I was extremely impressed to learn that the actual packaging printing process is chemical free, as they use vegetable based inks! The cartons biodegrade in only 12 weeks. I don’t know about you, but things taste even better when you know you’re not adding waste to landfill, you know? There’s definitely no need for a guilty conscious with Small & Wild tea, that’s for sure!


Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children

Great to help children connect to the moment!

A largely forgotten element when it comes to drinking tea is the actual ceremony of making it and how this benefits us from a mindfulness point of view. From first boiling the water, to brewing the tea, to cosying up at your desk or sofa and hugging your cup as you take that very first sip: there’s plenty of opportunities for mindful moments. Enjoying a cup of tea, whilst quintessentially British, allows us to connect to the moment in time and practice mindfulness, so introducing this at a nice early age helps your child connect to their senses. I don’t know about you, but I know a cuppa instantly helps me to feel happy! When we’ve been enjoying our children’s tea, we’ve also been practicing deep breathing, talking to each other using lots of eye contact and counting with our eyes closed. Why not take it a step further by making some children’s herbal tea for you and your children and practice some children’s affirmations together? 


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Emma Bridgewater mummy mug with a cup of tea Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children


Your chance to win Small & Wild tea selection!

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, I’ve teamed up with Small & Wild to give one of my readers the chance to win some tea of their very own!

The prize for this giveaway is a Small & Wild gift set which includes a mug and a box of tea, worth £17.95! The winner can choose between the Merry Tiger, Jolly Croc, Happy Toucan or Snoozy Fox gift set, so you can choose whichever flavour you think your child will love the most. Seeing as it is Random Acts of Kindness Day, they’ll also pop in their Mint Chocco and Toffee Apple teas, too!

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Small & Wild herbal and fruit tea for children