Tips for Teaching Your Little One About Personal Hygiene

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Tips for Teaching Your Little One About Personal Hygiene


Children are inquisitive and love touching things. They interact with so many different surfaces and put things in their mouths as it’s their way of learning about the world. You will need to teach them about personal hygiene so that they can of course protect themselves from falling ill. Personal hygiene is key for leading a healthy lifestyle and a private school in Cambridge shares the ideas below on how it can be taught to children.

Teach Your Child About Germs

Germs are all around us, both good and bad. The reason why we wash our hands and take care of our personal hygiene is so that we don’t ingest the harmful ones and fall ill. To teach your little one about germs, you might want to refer to them as invisible insects. While we can’t see any physical dirt, we must clean our hands before eating, visiting hospitals, etc.


Another way that you can help your child maintain good personal hygiene is through regular reminders. Refer to actions as yucky and remind them to wash their hands to help them with their cleanliness.

Make Bath Time Fun

There are some children that absolutely detest bath time. They don’t like the feeling of being wet, cold, and having shampoo in their eyes. To get them in the bath and the habit of washing, make it an enjoyable process. Introduce bath toys to keep them occupied and set their bath to be just right with bubbles that they can play with. There are also shampoo guards that you can use to protect your little one’s eyes and no tears shampoo.

How to Wash

When bathing them, use it as an opportunity to teach them about where we clean so that they learn how to all by themselves. You might want to get them involved by finding a small sponge to use so that they can start practising.

Make the Sink Accessible

You can also get them a little stool so that the sink is more accessible. That way they can take the initiative to wash their hands all by themselves.



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