30+ Gift Ideas for Dinosaur Lovers!

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Need to buy for a dinosaur lover this year? Whether you need gift ideas for dinosaur lovers from babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to dinosaur gifts for slightly older children, I’ve got you covered! From the best dinosaur figurines and toys to books and stocking fillers, read on for plenty of suggestions to make buying gifts for dinosaur lovers a doddle!


Dinosaur gifts for children

Surely I can’t have the only child that is dinosaur obsessed?! Let’s jump straight into it, here are some dinosaur gift ideas for children…

Learning Resources Design and Drill T-Rex Learning Resources Design and Drill T-Rex

Learning Resources Design & Drill T-Rex

Learning Resources is one of my go-tos for educational toys that are also fun, and to make it even better: they’re really reasonably priced! The Learning Resources Design & Drill T-Rex is a great dinosaur present for kids. Using the provided toy screwdriver, children have to build the T-rex by screwing in the legs and tail, and then adding screws to the T-rex’s back, eyes and nose to decorate and accent the dinosaur.

Not only is it fun to watch your dinosaur come to life, but the act of turning the screwdriver is an excellent way to develop those all important fine motor skills. When built, the dinosaur’s mouth, legs and tail can move, making it a great toy to then further role play with to aid in imaginative play.

Advertised as 3+, I’d recommend this toy for pre-schoolers and younger primary school children – older children will likely find this a little bit too easy to put together.



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Bloomsbury Mill Dinosaur Bedding

Any dinosaur lover is going to be absolutely over the moon with a dinosaur themed bedroom! A great way to kick off their dinosaur themed bedroom or give a more subtle nod to dinos for those who like to keep their own style and aesthetic through the house is with dinosaur themed bedding!

My son loves pointing out all the different dinosaurs on this bedding as well as the volcanos and footprints. It’s a poly-cotton blend, tumble dry friendly and easy iron so as a parent, I love it too! Available in cot bed, single and double sizes; there’s even matching curtains to finish off the bedroom as a whole! What a great gift idea for a dinosaur lover!


T-Rex Projector and Room Guard by Brainstorm Toys T-Rex Projector and Room Guard by Brainstorm Toys

T-Rex Projector and Room Guard by Brainstorm Toys

A great dinosaur gift idea for both pre-schoolers and older children, the T-rex projector and room guard by Brainstorm Toys is full of surprises! Not only can you play with it independently as a standalone T-rex figurine or use it simply as a decoration for your child’s dinosaur themed bedroom, but it is also a projector, projecting images of dinosaurs onto your bedroom walls. The 24 different dinosaur images are spread across 3 different discs, which can be easily swapped around and stored inside the dinosaur’s back when not in use.

For older children, there’s even more excitement to behold: the dinosaur can be set up as a room guard. Position your T-rex towards your door, and if sensor detects movement, it will begin to roar! With five different roar sounds, it’s bound to surprise any unsuspecting passer-bys.



Janod Magneti’book Dinosaurs

We are BIG Magneti’book fans in this household! Perfect for travelling, these little magnetic play stations are a sure bet for hours of fun. The Janod Magneti’Book Dinosaurs allows children to either piece their favourite dinosaurs together like a 3 or 4 part puzzle, or they can mix and match the pieces to create brand new dinosaurs of their very own!



John Adams Fuzzy Felt Dinosaur Drawer Set

Another one on my dinosaur obsessed son’s wishlist this year is the John Adams Fuzzy Felt Dinosaur Drawer Set! With over 200 pieces of felt including dinosaurs, trees and volcanoes, children can let their imagination run wild and create scenes and stories – all without mess or glue in sight!


Dinosaur puzzles for children - Schmidt Dinosaur puzzles, orchard toys dinosaur puzzle Melissa and Doug dinosaur puzzle for babies and toddlers

Dinosaur puzzles for kids

Puzzles are always a firm favourite with both old and young children alike and would make a great gift idea for dinosaur lovers! I love receiving and giving puzzles at Christmas as it encourages families to spend time together at the table. Having a self proclaimed ‘puzzle master’ for a son, we have a range of dinosaur puzzles for kids – including the Melissa & Doug chunky dinosaur puzzle that is perfect for babies and toddlers to the Orchard Toys ‘Big Dinosaurs’ floor puzzle with its bright colours and large pieces.

The Jaques of London wooden dinosaur puzzles are a great stepping stone into smaller puzzles with more pieces, and I recommend Ravensburger puzzles for older children – their pieces are always excellent quality, with a range of pictures, including your favourite characters – they even have Gigantosaurus puzzles and Jurassic World jigsaw puzzles.



Dinosaur gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - mini dinosaur figurines Dinosaur playmobil

Dinosaur figurines

Every dinosaur lover needs some dinosaur figurines to imaginative play with! Our favourite figurines will always be good old Schliech – the quality truly is unparalleled, and they are much more realistic and factual than other brands available! They have an impressive world of dinosaurs range – from your child’s favourite individual dinosaur like a Brachiosaurus or Pteranodon, to their volcano expedition base camp, there’s plenty to choose from for an impressive dinosaur gift for kids.

For smaller figurines, we love the Terra by Battat – their miniature figurines are excellent quality and so detailed. You get multiple dinosaurs of the same type, so it’s great for role playing ‘families’ of dinosaurs.

You can also never go wrong with Lego for children, and there’s plenty of dinosaur lego to choose from. Another firm favourite figurine style toy for children to play with is Playmobil, and again – there’s plenty of choice of dinosaur playmobil!


Zuru smashers light up dino eggs zuru smashers mega light up dino

Zuru Smashers Dino Eggs

Zuru Smashers always look SO appealing when you walk past them in the shops! With lots of surprises hidden inside, including figurines, messy play and more, Zuru’s Smashers eggs are guaranteed fun for your children with plenty of different themes to choose from. From Dino Island to Dino Ice Age, there’s plenty to collect, making them a great gift idea for dinosaur lovers. You can get smaller eggs which are perfect for stocking fillers, or larger eggs that make excellent main presents!


books about dinosaurs for children books about dinosaurs for children

Books about dinosaurs

Still stuck on gift ideas for dinosaur lovers? Books are always a great gift idea, so if your child loves dinosaurs, why not get them some books about dinosaurs?! Reading is so beneficial to babies and children, so not only will your child enjoy their new book, but it’s also educational and great for their development without them even knowing it. Some of my favourite books about dinosaurs for children include:


If you’re looking for something personalised, then Wonderbly do an excellent range of personalised stories including ‘I’m a Name-O-Saurus‘ which is definitely on my son’s Christmas list this year!


Gift ideas for dinosaur lovers: stocking filler ideas!

Don’t forget to fill up those stockings full of dinosaur gifts for kids that like dinosaurs too! Here are some gift ideas for dinosaur lovers that should be small enough to fit snug inside a stocking…

gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes

PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Boxes

A great way of including chocolate in a stocking that is a little bit more exciting and unique is by including a PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box! Inside each themed box you get 2 of their organic mini chocolates which are dairy, nut and gluten free. They’re also vegan and have less sugar than other leading chocolate brands. You also get a themed 3D puzzle toy to build which is great for budding collectors and a fun facts card. Want to upgrade this to a main present rather than a stocking filler? PLAYin CHOC have you covered – they also sell their chocolates in gift sets of 18!



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Own a Toniebox? Get the Dinosaur Tonie!

We’re big Toniebox fans in this family – in fact, I have a whole Toniebox review dedicated to whether or not Tonies are worth it (spoiler alert: they are!). Tonieboxes are essentially interactive audio systems for babies and children. To play a song or story, the child simply has to place one of the Tonies on top of the box, and it will automatically start playing. It’s a great alternative to screen time!

One of the great things about the Toniebox audio system is that they have such a wide variety of choices of Tonies that mean you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that will interest your child. From Paw Patrol Tonies to Julia Donaldson Tonies, there will be something they love. For our dinosaur lovers, there’s the National Geographic: Dinosaur Tonie and the How and Why Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Tonie to choose from.



gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - Hey Clay Dinos gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - Hey Clay Dinos

Hey Clay Dinos

If your child likes Play-Doh, arts and crafts or even following the instructions putting their Lego together, then they’ll love Hey Clay Dinos! Available as a larger set or as the individual dinosaurs that are perfectly sized for stocking fillers, Hey Clay Dinos take the idea of modelling and ramp it up a notch. The idea is that you follow along building and creating your dinosaur on an app, which then helps bring your model to life.



gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - EUGY 3D model craft kits gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - EUGY 3D model craft kits

EUGY 3D Model Craft Kits

Made from biodegradable card and perfectly sized for a stocking filler, these EUGY 3D model craft kits allow your child to build a detailed, intricate 3D dinosaur! They’re easy to create – you simply use the provided non-toxic glue to affix the pieces in numerical order and watch your dinosaur start coming to life. Despite being quite fiddly, it’s surprisingly easy to create – pre-schoolers might need a little bit of adult help, but older children will easily be able to do this by themselves, whilst still being challenged enough to hold interest.



gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - dinosaur stocking filler ideas - dino-mite dino ranch egg gift ideas for dinosaur lovers - dinosaur stocking filler ideas - melissa and doug dinosaur stamps

Here’s some more dinosaur stocking filler gift ideas for dinosaur lovers …

T-Rex Head Torch by Brainstorm Toys


Dino-Mite Dino Ranch Eggs


Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dominoes


Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set


On a Scale of One to T-Rex by Exploding Kittens


I hope this has given you plenty of gift ideas for dinosaur lovers and I hope the recipient loves whatever you choose!


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