The Benefits of Journaling for Children

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The Benefits of Journaling for Children

Journaling is an advantageous pastime for both children and adults alike, and is great for helping people achieve their goals, reduce anxiety and stress, and find inspiration. An international sixth form explore the benefits of journaling in further detail below. 

Improves Writing & Communication Skills

As with most skills, writing can improve with practise. With that said, encouraging your child to write a journal can help them with their spelling and grammar, which will support their overall academic achievements. What’s more, by expressing various thoughts and ideas, journaling can help children with their communication skills.

Boosts Confidence 

Keeping a journal will allow your child to look back and see how far they’ve come, which will help with their confidence. Essentially, they will be able to track their progress and consider their upcoming goals as well, so that they can be optimistic about the future. 

Enhances Memory

Writing things down usually makes them easy to remember, as proven by various studies. Essentially, writing something down lets your brain know that you want to remember it, which is why taking notes to prepare for an exam is an effective practise. 

Improves Mental Health

As mentioned above, journaling is great for alleviating stress and anxiety. When children write down complex thoughts and difficult events of the day, its easier to make sense of them and figure out how to work through it. This alone is a fantastic reason to encourage your child to start a journal. 

Journaling can take on many forms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be diary entries explore things that have happened. It could be a gratitude journal, where your child writes down things that they appreciate in life. It could also take the form of a to-do list or a dream diary. Let your child take the lead as whatever works for them might be different to what works for you.

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