Helping your child deal with bullies

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Helping your child deal with bullies

School is a space that opens up different experiences for children. Sadly, not all will be positive as schools are one of the first places where your child may experience bullying. No parent wants to think about their child being in this situation but the truth is, children can be involved in more ways than one such as victim, witness or even perpetrator. This means that there is a chance you will have to deal with this at some point in your child’s life. If your child is currently experiencing this at school, here is some advice from a prep school in Northampton on helping your child deal with bullies. 

Support your child

It is important that you listen to your child without getting emotional. Hold back your feelings and listen clearly to what your child is trying to tell you. Repeat back what you hear so that they can confirm that you have understood what they’re trying to say. If your child is the one that is being bullied, reassure them that it is not their fault. Encourage your child to be confident and show them how to build resilience as this is one of the best ways to repel a bully.

Get support from the school

In any case where your child may have witnessed bullying or is being bullied themselves, it is important to get the school involved as soon as possible. Suffering in silence is never the answer as this can lead to worse consequences. Set up a meeting with the relevant teachers and work together to deal with this issue in a calm manner. Once again, remind your child that there is nothing wrong with telling people who cause harm and that it is always the right thing to do. Always remember, if you are not satisfied with the school’s response, there are others you can contact that can help.  


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