How Do My Child’s Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Education?

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How Do My Child's Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Education?

Lifestyle choices will undoubtedly impact a lot of children, especially in a period where they are younger and unaware of the changes it could bring to their growth. From poor diet and behaviour to a lack of exercise and changing habits, they can all contribute to how well your child builds relationships and their performance in school.

In this guide from a top school in London, we explore how different lifestyle choices can affect a child’s progress in their studies.

Your child’s diet

Eating healthy is recommended for children so that they can really appreciate the benefits early on in life. There’s more to forcing your child to eat their vegetables! Having a diet filled with foods that have high fat, sugar or salt content can cause a range of problems. Children are more likely to become really hyper and not aware of their feelings, nor have the skills to control them. Maintaining a high fibre diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will ensure this is kept to a minimum, and it will also help with their sleeping pattern.


Along with a good diet, having a good exercise regime for your child will do wonders to both their mental and physical health. Give your child the time to find the right activities at school to make it easier on them to work out what they enjoy. Sports and team-based activities are a good way to make this work well, which is why they’re quite popular in schools.

A good sleeping schedule

Teenagers are often found to be staying up late, and it’s a habit that they can easily fall into if they’re not told otherwise. A good way to stop a child from staying up late is switching the internet off at a reasonable time and removing distractions before going to bed. Encourage them to pick up an activity in the evenings to further motivate them.


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