The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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The benefits of sports in schools

PE, physical education, is a compulsory subject that’s taught at school in the UK. As childhood obesity continues to increase, there’s a need to teach children about how to live a healthy lifestyle and help them to form good habits. Hea​lth aside, there’s a lot of benefit to having sports in school. They teach children important life lessons like how to deal with failure that other subjects cannot necessarily. A private school in Surrey shares more on this below.



Failure can be tough to deal with, especially for children. Sports games give them the opportunity to experience this in a safe setting and understand that there’s more to life than winning. It also encourages them to be resilient and get back up after knock backs.



As children compete directly with others in sporting games, they can experience the feelings that they would in real life where they feel anxiety, jealousy, and disappointment. Good sportsmanship is always emphasised which teaches children how to deal with these difficult feelings.


Mental Health

Mental health is another issue facing children today. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of children with a probable mental health condition has increased drastically with 1 in 6 believed to be affected. Sports provides children an outlet that they can use to let out their emotions and feel better about themselves. The endorphins released in exercise can elevate their mood as well as their confidence as they improve on their ability.


Health and Wellbeing

Exercise plays an important role in staying fit and healthy. Sports gives children a way in which they can do that whilst also having fun. Great for heart health and the bones.



Above all, sports are fun. Children can play with their friends, reach milestones, and explore their talents.


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