Is University the Right Choice for My Child?

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Is University the Right Choice for My Child?

University can feel like a daunting prospect, but there are other options your child could consider should they not like the idea of heading straight into higher education the traditional way. Your child may already have a plan in mind for what they’d like to study at university as well, which greatly helps you and your child plan ahead.

So is university the right place for your child to go? Here are some questions to consider that this boarding college in Wales recommends.

Does your child have a choice of university in mind?

Your child may well be studying A Levels already and has picked out a number of different courses they’d like to pursue at university. Usually students will have between 3 and 4 choices with one of those being their top choice.

It does also mean your child is going to be moving out of the home for a while, unless they are lucky enough to live closeby to their chosen university. That will cost time, more money (which they will receive loans for) and much more. For many kids this is the perfect opportunity for them to mature and work on their independence, but some can feel scared about the prospect of moving far away.

Your child’s future plans

Your child may not even know what they want to do in university yet. It’s a lot to handle at a young age and many students won’t exactly know what to study. If that’s the case, your child may prefer heading to college to study a course closer to home that allows them to explore different subjects.

Heading straight into employment

Going to university is the most straightforward way to go, but there are heaps of apprenticeships and work experience roles for different kinds of work. Painters, mechanics and contractors often bring on apprentices to help towards a real qualification and a foot straight in the door.


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