Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

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Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

For a parent with a busy schedule, finding the time to help with homework can be a challenge. We know that it needs to be done so that children can get additional practice to do well in school and the support that they need from their teachers if they’re struggling. A tutor can help by giving them dedicated one-to-one sessions and creating positive attitudes towards education. We have teamed up with a tuition provider to share more on the benefits of tutoring and to help you decide on whether it is needed for your child.


To see improvement of any kind, consistency is needed. It is also needed for developing healthy habits and sticking to them. Having a regular routine with scheduled tutoring sessions can help your child with their willingness to study if a lack of motivation is a concern.

Falling Behind

For one reason or another, your child may have fallen behind in school. They may have been ill and unable to attend class. A tutor can help to bridge the gap in their learning by helping them to get caught up and at a pace that suits them so that they can have an easy and smooth transition back to school.

Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities have a harder time in school. They require more support than their peers and the time to go over their notes. Tutors are trained professionals and will have knowledge on how best to support children with learning disabilities. As the sessions that they offer are one-to-one, they can go at a much slower pace and go over material as many times as necessary to help them get to grips with material.


To do well in their exams, children must prepare themselves well in advance by starting revision early. This can be somewhat difficult when they lack motivation and are doing so independently at home. A tutor can ensure that they get their revision done and prep them accordingly with their knowledge of exams and past papers.



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