Should I Consider Music Lessons for My Child?

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Should I Consider Music Lessons for My Child?

Being able to play an instrument definitely sets you apart and helps children in their development. They are able to explore their passions and understand themselves, work on their fine motor skills and exercise their brain. To help you decide on whether music lessons are a good option for your child, we have some guidance from a prep school below.

Learning to play an instrument involves commitment. You won’t sound the best to begin with but over time you will see yourself grow and improve. This is something worth bearing in mind as it may be a frustrating process for your child and require a large investment where fees are concerned. The silver lining is that they’ll grow patience, resilience, and their self-esteem.


In their music lessons, there will more than likely be times where they will be asked to perform in front of others. While this may be uncomfortable to begin with, it will give them the chance to build confidence and learn how to manage their nerves.

Improved Memory

Children need to rehearse and memorise their notes to perform. This exercises the part of the brain that’s responsible for remembering things, helping them to strengthen their memory.

The Opportunity to Make Friends

Music lessons can be taken at school or as a part of an extracurricular activity. In the case that children explore their talents outside of school, they have the opportunity to meet children just like them, with similar passions and interests.


Music is one of those activities that you can throw yourself into. You can use it as a means to express yourself and deal with different emotions. This can be particularly good for children as they can experience many turbulent times while growing up


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