The Benefits of Drama Lessons in Schools

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The Benefits of Drama Lessons in Schools

You may not think drama lessons are particularly important in the grand scheme of things, preferring your child to focus their efforts into subjects like Maths or Science. However, drama lessons are equally important in teaching students various key life skills that they can transfer to other areas of life. I have teamed up with a theatre school in London to explore the benefits of drama lessons in further detail below.



One of the most obvious benefits of drama lessons is that they help children to become more confident. Performing in front of an audience, no matter the size, forces youngsters to step outside of their comfort zone, which helps them with their self-esteem. A confident child is far more likely to engage in classroom discussions and take risks, in their personal lives and at school. As a result, they are far more likely to reach their full potential and go after opportunities that make them happy and successful.



Reciting lines and speaking coherently in front of others helps children with their vocabulary, pronunciation and, more broadly, their communication skills. What’s more, a theatrical production encourages pupils to work together as part of a team, which further aids their social skills. Children who are good communicators are better able to build strong relationships, both in and out of school.



In drama lessons, children must become different people from different times and places. They must use their imaginations and explore their creative sides to consider new perspectives and think outside of the box.



Drama lessons help to develop concentration, as students must learn to focus the mind, body, and voice, often all at once. Even just rehearsing lines can help improve concentration and improve memory, which will benefit students across the rest of the education.