Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

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Top tips for helping your child with their homework


Most children would rather be doing anything other than homework, but unfortunately, it’s an unavoidable part of their education. It’s an important way for teachers to figure out how well their students are picking up what they’re being taught in class, so that they can potentially spend additional time covering those topics. Parents can help their children with homework, using the following tips from an international school in London.


Talk About Homework

You might not be great at a particular subject, or in a strong position to teach your child about a certain topic, but simply talking to them about their schoolwork is a great way to help. It’s a chance for you to use words of encouragement and perhaps equip them with certain skills to complete their work. For example, you could teach them how to look up words in a dictionary or thesaurus or carry out research on the computer.


Communicate with the Teachers

Chatting to your child’s teachers will allow you to ask questions about what you can do to help. They might be able to share some information about what they’re actually looking for or suggest some learning resources you could look into to help your child. Both you and your child’s teachers share a common goal; you both want your child to succeed. So, if you work as a team, you will be in a better position to help.


Encourage a Routine

Try and help your child stick to a routine after school. For example, you could allow them to have a short break and a snack once they get home, followed by homework, then dinner and leisure time before bed. Make sure they know that homework is a priority over anything else, including their household chores.


Understand their Learning Style 

Children absorb information in different ways. Some of them prefer to read from a textbook and write out notes, whereas others would rather listen to a verbal explanation. If you can figure out your child’s learning style, you will be better equipped to help them. For example, you know that they are a visual learner, you could consider buying some books.


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