Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley

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Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre in BromleyIf your child is a fan of Twirlywoos then they’re bound to love Twirlywoos Live on Stage! Read on to discover more information about the production and find out why we thought it was a great introduction to theatre and fun for all the family.

What is Twirlywoos Live on Stage?

Twirlywoos Live on Stage is a theatrical production of the popular TV show Twirlywoos. Puppets of the fun loving characters – Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy, Chick, and of course Peekaboo! – explore new adventures aboard their big red boat. As well as silliness and fun; learn about pulling, rolling and so much more! Your child will be laughing, singing and dancing along throughout… as will you!

What age is the production suitable for?

Twirlywoos is a family production and suitable for all ages. From a young baby to the older generations in your family – anyone who enjoys the Twirlywoos will enjoy this production!

The run time was about an hour, so please bare this in mind when booking tickets – although, of course this is a family production so your child does not need to stay seated the entire time – they are able to move, dance and move freely along the aisles if needed. Plus, you don’t need to worry if they get a bit chatty – the other children will all be shouting out to the characters and joining in, so no one will be able to tell anyway!

What are the tour dates for Twirlywoos Live on Stage?

Twirlywoos is touring the U.K. throughout 2022. They’re visiting London, Portsmouth, Swansea, Huddersfield and many more towns, so be sure to check out their full tour dates on their website to see when they’re visiting a town near you!


The Churchill Theatre in Bromley Jodie from Jodetopia and Arthur outside the Churchill Theatre in Bromley


Our review and experience of the Twirlywoos Live on Stage at Churchill Theatre

We attended Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley on Wednesday 16th March 2022. In 2021, we attended other theatre productions such as The Hug by The Long Nose Puppets and Little Fox’s Christmas Garden, and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make sure we visit at least one family theatre production every single year, almost like a little annual family tradition! I had a few in mind, but eventually decided on The Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre – and I’m so very glad I did.

The Churchill Theatre in Bromley was easy to find – we parked in The Glades and walked through the shopping centre, grabbing a coffee on the way. The Theatre was then just along the high street and very obvious to find – even without the use of trusty Google Maps.

Upon entering the theatre, we were able to leave the buggy in a dedicated buggy park room – albeit of course left at our own risk, we felt like this was very safe and it was nice that this had been thought through at a family production. Navigating the theatre was easy, albeit there were a lot of stairs down to our seats in The Stalls, which is definitely something to be aware of, although lift access is available – ask a member of staff for help.

I was surprised when the production started and mentioned that photography is permitted and encouraged use of their hashtag – it was a nice change being able to take photos and videos throughout the production as this is unusual in theatre!


Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Without ruining any of the magic of the production, I can safely say it is an excellent piece of family Theatre. The puppetry was skilful, the storylines amusing for both children and adults alike, and the scenery changes were swift and well executed. My 3 year old was completely enthralled the entire performance – he did not once get bored or lose interest.

I was so impressed at how they managed to incorporate scene changes, – it was seamless, almost as if it were a natural part of the storyline. The scenery itself was very clever – the same base created all of the different scenes by simply folding or adding something in like bunting or a different sign. Difficult to explain, but it was seamless and impressive!

Our favourite part of the production was by far the bubble scene (try and get seats in the first few rows if you can!) and the building/stacking scene towards the end – both had my 3 year old shouting out and dancing in delight. Even my 7 month old baby loved the show – she was kicking, smiling and babbling with joy throughout the performance, so I feel confident in saying that this is truly a show for all ages! Who says theatre isn’t for babies anyway?!



If you’re looking for a fun, familiar introduction to theatre with your young children then I cannot recommend Twirlywoos enough. I’d gladly see it again!

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Twirlywoos Live on Stage at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley