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Being a parent is HARD WORK and it can often feel like as a parent, you come last. In many ways, this rings true , so Valentine’s day is a great way to make the mum in your life come first for once. Whether you want to let your partner know how much you love her, or you want a little gift for your own mum as a gesture of thanks and appreciation, here’s plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for mums!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Mums - Say it With Champers Personalised Champagne Valentine's Day Gifts for Mums - Say it With Champers Personalised Champagne

Say It With Champers Personalised Champagne

Champagne and roses are like the poster girl for Valentine’s Day, right?! Here’s an easy way to level up on the champagne – personalised champagne! Yep, I didn’t know it existed either.

Say It With Champers offer personalised champagne for any occasion – anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or even corporate events! It’s their Valentine’s Day range of Champagne that you’ll want – choose your champagne of choice, add various labels (including the option for a photo label, too!) and add your text and voila, a beautiful personalised bottle of Champagne will arrive at your door! It’s a much more thoughtful gift than just buying a standard bottle of champagne, and a great way to let your special someone both relax with a bottle of bubbly whilst enjoying the thought that you went to the effort of personalising the bottle for them, too. A great way to make this extra special for mums would be to add a lovely family photo on the label, or list a few reasons why she’s a great mum. Psst – this could work well for Mother’s Day, too!


Valentine's Gifts for Mums - Copper Rivet Distillery Gins Valentine's Gifts for Mums - Copper Rivet Distillery Gins

Copper Rivet Distillery Gin

If your partner or loved one isn’t a champagne fan, but needs a drink (what parent doesn’t?!) what about gin?! The Copper Rivet Distillery is based in Medway, Kent, and offer three of their gins in a gift set – and it’s available on Amazon! The gift set includes Dockyard Gin, Kentish Strawberry gin, and Kentish barrel matured Damson Gin.

“This is for those who want to taste our Distiller Abhi Banik’s house style, and why his patented Banik Still makes our gins so special.”

Live near Kent? Why not treat your special someone to a child-free meal with a Valentine’s meal out?! The Copper Rivet Distillery have recently renovated their Pumproom into a beautiful restaurant, with decking overlooking the Medway River with views of Upnor Castle. Fancy gifting a full day off parenting? You can easily turn your visit into a full day out by taking a tour – Copper Rivet’s Distillery tours cost only £20 pp, including a Dockyard G&T finale. 


Spa day vouchers

I don’t think there’s a single mum out there who DOESN’T deserve a spa day. In between the lack of sleep and mental exhaustion, being a mum takes a toll on us in so many different ways. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for mums is to give the gift of relaxation, so spa day vouchers are sure to put a smile on her face. Personally, I’m a big fan of Whittlebury – I’ve visited three times in my life and hope to one day be able to visit again! If you’re looking for something more local to Kent (this is a family life in Kent blog, after all!) then check out this post for the best spas in Kent!


… or a DIY spa day at home instead!

If a spa day away from home is a little too optimistic, or maybe not her cup of tea, why not create the perfect environment for her to relax at home, instead? Run her a bath, pop some music on, light some candles or wax melts, and let her relax in peace and quiet, and whatever you do – don’t let the children disturb her!

Take it a step further with a candle designed to increase slow-wave sleep – something all mums need more of – with Echor’s End of Day candle.  Echor’s range is designed to help people create a relaxing evening routine and aid a restful nights sleep – plus, putting actual thought into a candle purchase rather than grabbing any old one off a shelf is sure to win you partner points this Valentine’s Day, and help show your true appreciation for all the running around after the children she does.

PS – if the mum you’re purchasing for is more of a wax melt person than a candle person, I highly recommend Happy Home Scents wax melts – I’ve tried many of the scents and they all smell divine, plus they come in heart shapes, too, so they make the absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day gift for mums!

Want to save money or do a zero spend present? Make up some ‘spa day’ massage vouchers for her to cash in – a shoulder massage, foot rub or back massage would sure be appreciated by any busy mum. PS – if saving money is your thing, here’s 5 ways to save money on presents and gifts

Valentine's day gifts for mums - naturopathica lip duo

Keep her lips rose-petal soft with Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Lip Duo

Let’s face it: mums are busy. She might not have time to have the pamper she truly wants to have (I know I could do with a good 6 hours to really give my body the full works: anyone else?!), so instead of gifting her an impossible task of a pamper day, why not gift something small that’ll help her take a mindful moment and feel pampered in only a few seconds? The Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Lip Duo includes the Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Lip Scrub as well as the Sweet Cherry Lip Butter, perfect for on the go soft, supple lips. Packed with antioxidant-rich cherries, herbs and extracts to exfoliate and condition lips, this would make a luxurious, but actually useful, Valentine’s Day gift for mums!


Valentine's Day Gifts for Mums - Frugi Maternity/nursing pyjamas

Frugi Pyjamas

Pyjamas are always a good choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for mums – give them the gift of relaxation, and upgrade the 10 year old, past their best pyjamas they’re probably holding onto out of guilt of spending money on themselves! I’d like to introduce you to a clothing brand you may not have heard of: Frugi.

Frugi is a leading sustainable children’s wear brand, but they have plenty of hidden gems for mums. Full of clothes perfect for breastfeeding, nursing and beyond, you’re bound to find something that’ll be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift for a mum!


No Longer Last on The List- valentine's day gifts for mums ideas No Longer Last on The List valentine's day gifts for mums


Remind her to put herself first

Sure, the occasional pamper day, meal out or chance for some guilt free champers is great, but what a lot of mums REALLY need is more of a total life shift. So many mums put their family, their house, their work and much more first. Any woman could talk for hour about the mental load of being a mother. Let her know you’re aware of her mental load, and want to help her minimise it, by investing in No Longer Last on The List by Jo Bevilacqua – it’s a self growth guide to help women prioritise their own importance without feeling any guilt for doing so.


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Bear and Moo UK Personalised Print

Bear and Moo UK is a passion project by Katie Middleton. Katie is a mum of two, blogger and freelancer, and Bear and Moo is her small business to keep her creativity flowing; providing you with fun prints for your home. She has a range of prints available, but if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for mums then her personalised prints are guaranteed to be a winner.

Each portrait is completely bespoke, and starting from as little as £20 (depending on factors such as intricacy and detail and the number of people), whether you go for a couple portrait, wedding portrait or family portrait, it’s a great option for Valentine’s Day this year.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mums to Be

If your special someone is pregnant this year, a great gift could be the Mummy’s Organics Pregnancy Gift Set – it’s extremely luxurious, containing a Labour Massage Oil to encourage a more relaxing and calmer labour, and a Stretch Mark Serum to keep skin ultra-hydrated. They also have a selection of teas which would make a lovely gift – from breast milk boosting tea to birth ready tea, they make a lovely gift for a pregnant or new mum. 


A few other Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mums…

Last but not least, here’s some other things I think could make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for mums:


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Valentinee's Day gifts for mums