Superworm Trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands in Kent

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Superworm Trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands

The brand new Superworm trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands (and other various Forestry England sites!) is a great addition for any Superworm and Julia Donaldson lovers! Read on to find out what to expect during your visit and our thoughts on the trail.


What is the Superworm Trail?

The Superworm trail is a fun new trail around various Forestry England sites, featuring your favourite characters from the Superworm book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

You can buy a trail kit with activities to complete on your way round, or simply follow the arrows around the trail to discover brightly illustrated plaques of the characters.


What age is the Superworm Trail suitable for?

The recommended age for the Superworm trail is 3-9 years old, although of course walking around Jeskyns Park will be loved by anyone, no matter their age!

It took us approximately 1 hour to complete the 1.2km trail, at a 2 year old’s walking pace – this included stopping to play in the playgrounds and fairy and elf village along the way. There are plenty of longer walking trails available at Jeskyns if this is too short a walk for your family!


Superworm Trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands Superworm Trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands


What is in the Superworm Trail pack?

The Superworm Trail pack can be purchased from the Jeskyns Park cafe for £3.50, and consists of a brown Kraft bag (which can be coloured in when you get home!), a trail leaflet with space for your crayon rubbings from the tree stumps along the route, creature fact cards, a forest superhero mask, stickers, a pencil and a crayon.


Superworm Trail Pack Superworm Trail pack


Where is the trail?

There are various trails all over England at Forestry England sites, but we attended the trail at Jeskyns Community Woodlands, Henhurst Road, Cobham, Kent, DA12 3AN.

Jeskyns is open from 7am to dusk (the cafe is open 9:30am – 5pm if you want to buy the trail pack!), and car parking is £1.50 for 1 hour, £2.50 for 2 hours or £3.50 for all day. If you visit regularly it’s well worth getting an annual pass!


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Our Review and Experience

We attended Jeskyns Community Woodland for the Superworm Trail on Saturday 15th January 2020.

Upon arriving at Jeskyns just after 9:30am, we parked up (there’s a decent size car park but it does get popular at weekends, so your best bet is getting there nice and early!) and headed straight to the cafe to grab our Superworm trail pack and of course some coffees!


Jeskyns Park and Community Woodlands Cafe Jeskyns Community Woodland Sign

Setting off on the trail was easy – there was plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction. You start off heading towards the first play park where you’ll find the first two characters of the trail. The play park has the fairy and elf village tucked away at the back of it, and I highly recommend stopping and exploring this area if you have time.

Each character along the trail has a large illustrated plaque (you really can’t miss it), some information about those creatures and some activities (my son loved the bee activity – it’s ‘waggle dancing’!). Next to each plaque is a tree stump, with a picture on top – these are designed as crayon rubbings, abs there’s space in the activity leaflet in the Superworm trail pack for you to collect up the crayon rubbings!


Superworm Trail at Jeskyns Superworm Trail Tree rubbings

Arthur was so excited to do the trail after falling in love with the Superworm book and movie over the festive period. It took us about an hour, at a pre-schoolers pace, with stops to play at the fairy and elf village and the Gruffalo park.

Overall, if you live near Jeskyns I would highly recommend visiting the Superworm Trail – it’s a great excuse to get your family outdoors!


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