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Which coloured curtains go with light blue walls?


Interior designing for our houses can be therapeutic and fulfilling at the same time. Being able to decide what to design our personal space makes our house more personalised and unique in the way that we want. Much as we decorate our room with furniture and accessories, it is also important to consider the colours of our walls; this is one of the main factors to remember so as to allow our desired ambiance radiate our rooms.


Homeowners should be critical with the colours of their walls. When you pick the wrong curtain to be paired with the colour of your wall, might as well drop that curtain and never mind putting it back. Imagine having a light blue wall with a black curtain; it’s not aesthetically pleasing at all. Thus, it is important to bear in mind that walls and curtains should also go about together to give the best look to your room.


When you have light blue walls but you just don’t know what curtain variety and fabric to pair, it is highly suggested that you pick the colour that does not overpower the coloured walls; Trust us, contradicting colours can make your room look horribly wrong. Thus, go for soft colours so you wall and curtain can bring that light feeling to your room’s atmosphere.


First curtain fabric colour that we suggest are the whites. Pairing a light-blue coloured wall with a white curtain can make you room look neat and is able to bring that easy feeling to your room. This makes your room look more bright and pure.


Moreover, you can also go with soft pink. This brings out a chic look to your room to have that more fabulous ambience to your personal space. Light blue and soft pink goes well together most especially for your living room to have that stylish   feeling for your place.


It may not seem obvious, but light grey also goes well with light blue coloured walls. This might seem a dark colour but when paired with a light blue wall, it balances both light and dark colours and can bring a neutral aesthetic to your room.


You can also try hanging a mint green curtain unto your windows to give that cool feeling to your room. Imagine having both light blue and mint green to your room; it gives out a smart look for all seasons. Mint green and light blue are colours just too pretty not to try.


These are few of the best curtain fabric colours to be paired with your light blue coloured walls. Light blue is a crucial colour that needs proper deciding on what to pair it. When buying your curtains, you can always play with colours that you think is best for your room, yet it’s always best to pick the right colour with your walls so you will be able to enhance more the room’s aesthetic.


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Which coloured curtains go with light blue walls?