Best Teethers for 3-6 Month Old Babies

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Best teethers for 3-6 month old babies

One of the most joyful elements of parenting…teething! HA. I hope you all sensed that sarcasm. It’s not nice watching your precious bundle of joy in discomfort from their growing gnashers, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll throw endless amounts of money at the problem in the hope of relieving some of their pain. I’m two children down, so we’ve tried a LOT of teethers over the years – let me make it easier to decide what ones to buy by recommending the best teethers for 3-6 month old babies!


Sophie la girafe teethers Sophie la girafe original teether

Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe (or just Sophie Giraffe as we call her in our family!) is one of the most popular teethers around – when I had my now 3 year old, I’m pretty sure everyone had one! You couldn’t walk around Bluewater, the local shopping centre, without seeing endless babies in prams with their Sophie.

We have Sophie Giraffe in two styles – the original Sophie la girafe and the Sophie la girafe teething ring. Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber and makes a lovely gift for a new mum. The original Sophie even squeaks when you squeeze her – my children have always loved this feature, but it might not be ideal if you have a dog! Sophie has lots of parts to chew on to relieve any teething discomfort – my son used to love chewing on her legs and feet, but my daughter prefers the crevices of her face and ears. For younger babies, it’s super easy to grab and hold on to as it is fairly large and chunky, yet lightweight and soft at the same time. The beauty, durability and my children’s love for it are what make Sophie la girafe one of the best teethers for 3-6 month old babies.

PS – did you know you can get a strap for your Sophie la girafe? I always get lots of compliments when out and about with our Sophie in her matching giraffe print strap, and it means she’ll never got lost when she’s strapped to the pram! You can use it on other teethers and toys, too, so it’s a great purchase!


Matchstick Monkey teethers for 3-6 month old babies Matchstick Monkey teethers for 3-6 month old babies

Matchstick Monkey

We’ve been fans of Matchstick Monkey for years and have built up quite the collection – they now have a rather extensive range in different colours, animals and styles.

The original monkeys are great – the arms act as little handles for your baby to hold whilst they chomp on the head, which has bobbles on the back to really stimulate those gums or act as a teething gel applicator. Ada loves her bright orange monkey as it has a tail, meaning an extra flexible silicone piece to chomp on, making it an excellent choice of teether for 3-6 month old babies!

The flat face monkey and mini tooth brushes came in a gift set, which we received from a family member and make an excellent gift for a new mum. Ada, my youngest, absolutely loves her gums being stimulated and rubbed with the toothbrushes – she giggles and grabs and cannot get enough!

Mini monkey has lots of different angles and textures to really scratch those teething itches – this was my eldest’s favourite when he was younger.

Check out our collection of Matchstick Monkeys in the video below!


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Gummee Glove teething mit Gumme glove teething mit

Gummee Glove

Introducing one of the most innovative teething products I have ever come across – the Gummee Glove! Aimed at 3-6 month old babies, this glove is versatile, practical and looks great, with different patterns and designs to choose from. Watch the video below to see how the glove works and how to attach your teething ring into the glove. I think it’s pretty genius!

Things we love about the Gummee Glove:


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Wooden and crochet teethers in a bowl The Cotton Shop crochet toys

Wooden Teethers

I’m a big fan of wooden teethers – not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but natural, plastic free and good for their gums, too. My favourite place to shop wooden teethers are The Cotton Shop, a small, mum-run business who makes various crochet keepsakes, including beautiful embellished ‘nan knit’ cardigans. If you’re after one of her beautiful crochet toys with wooden teething rings, then you’ll have to keep an eye out, as they may come back in future! You can also buy beautiful wooden teethers from small businesses on Etsy, although there are of course many options on places like Amazon, too.


Best teethers for 3-6 month old babies Nuby teether bug a loop teething ring


Nuby, a popular and well known baby brand, have lots of great teethers, for great, affordable prices. Both of my children have absolutely loved the Bug a Loop teether, which is easy to grab on to and has lots of elements for their mouths to explore – this one is an absolutely perfect teether for 3-6 month old babies. We also love the Icy Bite Keys teether as it can be refrigerated to make it super cold and refreshing for sore gums. We were gifted the Nuby Yogi Monkey Teether for my eldest when he was a baby and it is still a firm favourite in our family – my daughter now loves it. The silicone is strong but extremely flexible, and the monkey or elephant design makes it easy for little hands to grab and hold onto whilst they’re chomping away. I’d highly recommend! You can also get a good range of Nuby teethers in Boots, which is great if you want to see them in real life before you purchase, and also means you can gain advantage card parenting club points!

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Are there any teethers I WOULDN’T recommend?

The only teether we have ever purchased and immediately not got on with is the Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether Toy. We love Munchkin as a brand, but for us, this teether is too big and bulky – it’s impossible for babies to get their mouths around it as it’s so thick, and then my children get frustrated with it as it’s not quite giving them the comfort they want. We still have it – but it’s used more as a sensory toy than a teether, now.


There are plenty of teethers for 3-6 month old babies available on the market, but I hope this has helped you discover a few new brands or products to try out! Remember, every baby is different – what works well for one teething baby might not be the best pick for another. Buy a few and see what your child likes!


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Best teethers for 3-6 month old babies