Glossybox December 2015: The Rose Gold Edit

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Glossybox December 2015 Pinterest Graphic


Once again I completely forgot about my Glossybox until it arrived on my doorstep. I was so excited to open it seeing as Glossybox December 2015 is the Rose Gold Edit, with all of the products being chosen by the beauty blogger Really Ree.

Before I get into what products I received, I just need to talk about the packaging. How beautiful is it?! I’m really into this whole rose gold trend at the moment and this box is definitely going to be reused on display as opposed to being hidden away in the back of my cupboard! The little Glossybox logo inside is shimmery and gold, and even the ribbon is rose gold! Rose gold heaven.

The products in this month were all about getting ready for the festive season as well as recovering from them after – my type of box! When I first opened the box, I was a little disappointed compared to previous first reactions, however my opinion did change as I used the products more and more. We did also get 6 items in this box instead of the usual 5, so that was a nice little Christmas treat!


Glossybox December 2015 closed with the lid on. It has a rose gold, shimmery lid Starskin face mask


What was inside the Glossybox December 2015?

The packaging of the calming Starskin face mask reminds me of a movie poster, which definitely fits the ‘Starskin’ name – bravo for branding! I was a little unsure of this at first as I tend to find these full face sheet mask things an absolute nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised though – when you peel off the protective layers of the mask it is literally like a gloopy skin so sticks to your face so well. It feels really natural on to the point where I completely forgot I was wearing it! The mask was definitely hydrating albeit I still had to moisturise after. It did seem to calm down my red blemishes, too. I do think it is ridiculously over priced though – £8.50 for one mask!? It was quite relaxing but I definitely wouldn’t pay £8.50 for it. 

I was quite excited about the Instant Surface Perfector by Hylamide when I first read the back of it – an instant surface perfector to minimize pores, matt and blur any blemishes. It states that it can be used either after foundation but before powder, or on a makeupless face for an instant refresh. I first of all tried it with makeup and followed the instructions exactly – patted a small amount on the area I wanted to achieve perfection (in my case, my cheeks and chin). It applied fine, however I did not notice any difference whatsoever. I then applied my powder as normal and disaster struck – the powder almost stuck to the areas I had applied the product and ended up going blotchy and thick. Ew! I thought I’d give the product another go on a clean, makeup free face and although it removed a little of the redness, it didn’t give the results I was expecting. At £18, I was hoping to see immediate and obvious results, but I’m definitely going to do some more research and see if I’m doing something wrong!  


Hylamide pore delete packaging and product Etre Belle Golden Skin Roll On


I found the Etre Bell Golden Skin Roll On rather disappointing at first, but my opinion changed with use. At first, I saw no results. My eyes still had dark circles. They didn’t look firm or refreshed. I was beginning to think it was all a fad. Then something brilliant happened. I was tired – really tired. As in I’d just finished a hard week of work and I have to go all the way up to London tired. I used this and bam – my eyes felt hydrated. They didn’t feel quite so sleepy and the puffiness definitely didn’t feel quite so puffy. Maybe it takes a few days of constant use to see a difference? I’m not sure. But this is definitely now my miracle emergency saviour stick. 

Firstly, the Essence Liquid Lipstick packaging is genius. When I first opened my box I was sure this was a lipstick but nope – a lipgloss! Serves me right for not reading the product card first I guess! The applicator is so great – I can’t even explain it but it’s actually so good in comparison to standard cheap lipstick applicators. The colour pay off is amazing – it is so bright and definitely fits the liquid lipstick name – I don’t own a lipgloss with nearly as much pigmentation! This has an A* from me – I’m very impressed. 


Essence Liquid Lipstick from the Glossybox December 2015 Collection long lasting nail effects purple glittery nail polish 


Although I normally moan when Glossybox send me nail polish, I was so happy to receive this lovely Collection Nail Polish. I received the Long Lasting Nail Effects Cosmic Stars glitter nail polish – I needed some glitter for my Christmas nails! I used this in an ombre style glitter nail and the glitter built up really well, although I was disappointed with the drying time… 2 hours later and it still moved about and wasn’t completely solid… so maybe it isn’t best for more than one layer. Still though, it had such a lovely sparkle. Maybe I’ll even do a post about different Christmassy nail looks….keep an eye out!

Yet again So Susan have managed to create a beautifully packaged, beautiful highlighter. The photos definitely don’t do this product justice – it is so shimmery! It is so soft and the shape of the stick means it glides on your cheekbones or even brow bone so gently, giving just the right amount of highlight. This has definitely become my new favourite highlighter and I would highly recommend it to all! 


so susan golden highlighter from the Glossybox December 2015 so susan golden highlighter swatched on hand


Overall I am happy with this month’s Glossybox December 2015 box albeit as the Christmas box I did expect something a little more ‘wow’. The packaging and idea behind the box was brilliant, although being the Rose Gold edit I definitely expected everything inside to either be or be packaging in rose gold!

Do any of the products above tickle your fancy? Let me know in the comments below!

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