Lullaby Girl by Aly Sidgwick Book Review

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I’ve been trying to put down the technology and pick up a good ol’ book a little more often recently. With a freshly moisturised face and green tea in hand, I definitely feel like reading is benefiting not only my mental health, but also my skin and energy. I’ve always loved reading, but since starting full time work a couple of years ago, I do struggle to find the spare time to devote to the task. Anyway, as I’ve been making the conscious effort to make time to read, I thought I’d share my most recent read, Lullaby Girl, as I definitely think it’s worth a mention.

Lullaby Book Pinterest Graphic

A girl is washed up on the shore, singing a foreign lullaby (hence the name ‘Lullaby Girl’) with no idea of who she is or how she got there. She’s admitted to a rehabilitation/psychiatric ward to bring her to health, and the book follows the story of her battling with her inner self to figure out her past. It cleverly switches between present and past, so the reader can really live the memories as they come back to her.

I found the book quite slow to begin with, and did have difficulty getting into it at first. When the girl is initially found,  her dialect is awful, and I struggled with the poor spelling and grammar (points for creativity, though). It wasn’t until about half way through, and a good few months of giving up and trying again, that I got obsessed. I literally couldn’t put it down and finished the rest of the book in a day! The more you learn about the girl’s background, the more you want to find out what happened. You soon learn that everything is a lot more dark and sinister than she originally thought.

Also, lets talk about the book cover. I love the cover. I like books with black as the background colour, as it looks good on my shelf. I love how the girl is walking into the room from the light on the front cover, almost as if she’s an angel from heaven. Although, I pictured a skinny, freckly, brown haired rag doll type character… I can’t remember if that is how she is described or that is just my imagination getting carried away, but I don’t think the image on the front is the best portrayal of the lead character. Although, that being said, it could be portraying Mary….

Overall, the book is very well written, with unexpected plot twists and a strong leading character. Give the book a go and get through the slow first half and you won’t be disappointed.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you might also like Cut To The Bone or Before I Go To Sleep too.

Have you read Lullaby Girl by Aly Sidgwick? If you have, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!