The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

Outdoor learning is great for children as it gives them the opportunity to run around freely and make discoveries about the world around them. Forest schools place a heavy focus on outdoor learning as they take a learner-led, holistic approach to teaching. This is thought to help children become better thinkers as they are able to freely experiment and be creative. We have teamed up with a  boys’ school in London to shed light on what your child can benefit from by learning outdoors.


Physical Health

Children can develop physically as a result of outdoor learning. They can grow their gross motor skills which are the skills needed to apply physical strength. Examples are climbing, tugging, and pushing. As well as helping them to develop these, children can benefit from the fresh air, being able to exercise and move around freely.


Improved Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health and can affect children in a number of ways. At its worst, it can stop them from going about their day-to-day activities, bring on physical problems like panic attacks and affect their motivation. In 2020, the number of children aged 6-16 suffering with a probable condition was 17%. An increase from 11.6% only 3 years prior. Outdoor learning is thought to help children that suffer as the change of environment to somewhere green and open helps them to feel calm and relaxed.


A Love for Nature

As the digital world expands, it impedes on the natural world and the relationship that children have with it. It can be quite the challenge to get a child to leave their screens and voluntarily spend time outside. Exploring outdoor learning opportunities can help your child to make their own connection with nature and learn more about it through self-discovery.


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