How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

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How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

Having an active imagination is more important than you might think with regards to a child’s overall development. It’s critical for helping them learn a variety of valuable life skills that they can use as adults, such as empathy and problem solving. I have teamed up with a prep school in Surrey to explore some of the ways in which you can help boost your child’s imagination.

Encourage Reading

Reading is great for helping children practise their imagination because the words on the page encourage the reader to create an image in their mind. What’s more, reading is great for expanding upon one’s general knowledge which opens a child up to new concepts and gives them a greater understanding of the world around them. 

Provide Dress-Up Clothes & Props

Make sure your child has access to costumes and props so that they can play make believe and engage their imaginations. Pretending to be someone else, like a doctor or a policeperson will encourage them to think about things from a different point of view, which inspires empathy. 

Don’t Shy Away from Boredom

All parents are familiar with their child’s complaints of being bored, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your child is bored, they will be forced to engage their imagination in order to think of some ways they can keep themselves entertained. 

Ask Questions

Another way to encourage your child to use their imagination is to ask them lots of random, thought-provoking questions to get them thinking outside of the box. Here are some examples:

These are just a few ideas to get you started, and there are plenty of other ways to help boost your child’s imagination. 



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