Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

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Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

If you’re looking for a fun and friendly structured group for toddlers and pre-schoolers near Dartford and Gravesend, then Toddler Sense in Stone is the group for you!

What is Toddler Sense?

Toddler Sense is a structured play group for children aged from 13 months to 5 years old. Toddler Sense groups are a multisensory experience, with an emphasis on mobility, excitement and adventure in a fast-moving, action-packed termly programme. Each week introduces a new theme, taking your children on a fun adventure – from exploring a farm one week to building a castle the next, your children can learn, discover and play in a safe, stimulating and fun environment with other similarly aged children.

Want to know a little bit more about what to expect in a Toddler Sense class? Carrying on reading for our review of the classes going into detail about what happens in each class!

Toddler bouncing on a bouncy castle toddler walking on a soft play obstacle course

Where are the Toddler Sense classes held?

There are Toddler Sense classes all over the U.K. – from Dundee to Plymouth, hopefully there should be a class near you!

I attended the Stone group which is part of the Dartford & Gravesend North West Kent franchise. The Toddler Sense Stone class is held at the Stone Pavilion, Hayes Road, Stone, Kent, DA9 9DS. There’s free parking in the Pavilion car park, and street parking in Hayes Road if this is full. Stone Pavilion is a great venue as there is a large green recreational space, Lizzie’s Cafe and a really impressive playground, too!

Sami, the owner of Toddler Sense Dartford and Gravesend, also holds classes at Old Gravesendians RFC, Bronte View, Fleetway Sports Ground, Gravesend, DA12 1PX.

Stone Pavilion in Kent Toddler looking into the door of Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

How much does Toddler Sense cost?

Toddler Sense costs £9 per session which includes one adult and one child. Additional siblings are half price – you’ll need to email if you’d like to book on a sibling to receive the half price discount code to apply at checkout when booking on.

Toddler Sense classes must be booked in 6 week termly blocks, although if you are new to Toddler Sense then they do offer a 3 week taster course to settle in and try out the classes – these are also £9 per session but allow for only a 3 week, £27 commitment.

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Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent Toddler riding on a bike at Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

What time are the classes?

At the time of writing, there are a few different Toddler Sense sessions to choose from at Stone Pavilion, all on a Tuesday:

If you’re local and Tuesdays doesn’t suit your routine, there are nearby classes at various times on Mondays and Fridays at Old Gravesendians RFC.

Don’t forget to check the Toddler Sense website for your nearest venue, as different locations have different days and times of classes available.

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Castle themed tent Princesses and knights play set up at Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

Our experience and review

Myself and Arthur (my three year old pre-schooler) attended the Toddler Sense group in Stone for a 3 week trial period across April and May 2022. The themes we were in attendance for were Old McDonald’s Farm, Castles and Dragons and Big Top.

Firstly, I want to shout about the venue – despite living only a ten minute drive away, I had never actually visited Stone. The Stone Pavilion is right next to a large, open, green space, and has a car park, Lizzie’s cafe and an impressive play area. It is also home to a pre-school and public toilets – although I have to admit the toilets aren’t very clean and as such we avoided these. We all know how difficult it is filling the days up – especially if you’re a stay at home mum, like me – so I highly suggest visiting the cafe for a coffee before your Toddler Sense class and then packing a picnic (or buy lunch at the cafe!) and enjoying the park afterwards – you could be out of the house for hours with ease! The car park is fairly small, however sometimes I was able to grab a space. If not, there is free street parking just outside, but be careful not to park in the primary school’s ‘drop off only’ bays.

Stone Pavilion as a venue itself for the Toddler Sense classes was great – the class is held in Castle Hall, which is the room directly to the right as you walk into the pavilion. It’s a good sized room – plenty big enough for little legs to run around – and has toilets and baby change in the room also.

Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

When you first walk into your Toddler Sense class, it is set up as a free play! Sami, the owner of Toddler Sense Dartford and Gravesend, uses the same basic structure for the free play, but adds in different elements each time which tie in to the weekly theme – I’m always blown away with the amount of themed props she has. This is great as it allows for the children to feel a sense of familiarity with each visit – for example, the bouncy castle is set up in the same place each week, the same ride on toys are there and there are soft play blocks, but then there could be a new themed inflatable, puppets, teddies or sensory play to explore also, and plenty more. The free play area is certainly impressive with plenty to keep them busy and really offers the ‘wow factor’ when you first walk in to class. This is also a great opportunity for the children to meet one another, practice their turn taking or play together if they decide to.

The children have a good amount of time to explore the free play before they help pack it away for ‘tidy up time’ before moving onto the structured half of the class. The structured half of the Toddler Sense class is Arthur’s favourite part, so he’s always super keen for tidy up time… I wish he was that keen for tidy up time at home!

Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent

Once everything is tidied away, Sami puts down little star mats in a circle – one per family. The children enjoy claiming their star, and it helps the child to know where they should be sitting. Next, there will be various different songs and activities – the first being the ‘How Do You Do’ song. Sami brings out a basket of wooden sticks (which the children all run to grab, they love those little sticks!!) and puts on a song which the children tap their sticks in time to and sing along. Arthur has fallen in love with the How Do You Do song and often sings it at home, and Toddler Sense has quickly become known as the ‘How Do You Do playgroup’ in our household!

The other activities vary – we’ve had everything from building a castle with megablocks, more singing with instruments, a themed obstacle course around Old Mcdonald’s Farm, puppet shows, parachute games, bubbles and more!

Arthur absolutely loves his classes – despite sometimes being a little unsure when he’s there (he spent the whole first session asking to go home!) he spends all week talking about the class, telling his grandparents all about it, and asking what next week’s theme is going to be… so it’s safe to say he definitely enjoys the classes! Sami herself is absolutely lovely – she’s so kind and great with the children – you can tell she is passionate and loves what she does!

Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent


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Toddler Sense Toddler Group in Stone, Kent