Turn Nail Polish into Gels with SensatioNail!


I’m a very lazy person, so when it comes to my nails I want something quick and easy that will last as long as possible. I can’t be dealing with chipped nail polish – I don’t have the time to take it off and reapply constantly – having perfect nails every day of our lives is super difficult! Since discovering SensatioNail, life is very different for me. Read more

Hydrate Your Skin with Pure Potions


One of my favourite parts of blogging is being able to try out brands I never normally would – when we find brands that work for us, we tend to stick with them and repurchase products rather than experiment. I’m trying to experiment more with different brands, so when I was introduced to Pure Potions at #BLFW I was intrigued to find out more about their company and products.

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