I Dressed Up My Man! Ft Dobell

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    You may have seen my boyfriend Taylor on my social media, and mentioned in certain previous blog posts, but I’ve never got him to be my lil model… until now! I’ve been wanting Taylor to get more involved in my blog – he hears me talk about it constantly, supports me when I’m squirrelled away writing, and tries not to get mad at me when I have makeup and tripods sprawled across the house. So when an opportunity came about with Dobell to create a look for him, I thought: heck yes. Lets dress my man up for the blog!

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    My Boyfriend Chose My Interview Outfit! Ft Quiz Clothing

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    For those of you who don’t chat to me on a personal level, you probably won’t be aware that I’ve recently been job hunting. Yep – that time of your life where you’re stressfully trying to decide on which company is going to fill you with happiness whilst also being able to pay the bills. I’m sure I’ll delve into this topic more in the future, but for today’s post, I wanted to share a very exciting collaboration with Quiz Clothing, in which my lovely boyfriend Taylor picked out my interview outfit.

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    Pop Art: A Makeup Look

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    I recently posted this ‘pop art’ look on my instagram, and was overwhelmed with the responses and kind words. People saying that I was talented – little old me, really?! Seeing as it got such a fab response, I thought I’d go into a little more detail on the look, and provide some more pictures! It’s such an easy look to recreate – I’m no professional, and I did an OK job!

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