Banish Acne, Spots and Blemishes with Dr Nick & Philippa Lowe


I’m very self conscious about my skin. Generally, it isn’t too bad – my face isn’t completely covered in acne. When I do get a spot though, they tend to be those large, under skin spots that last a week or two and just look so inflamed and sore. When an email popped in my inbox with the chance to review Perfectly Clear – The Perfect Guide to Clear Skin by Dr Nick & Phillipa Lowe* I jumped at the chance – I was eager to hear what advice professionals would give to make my skin clearer!  Read more

Jodetopia’s Big Birthday Giveaway!


This year I’m reaching a big milestone in my life: I’m turning 21. Long gone are the days of nappies and Barbie dolls, hello world of being an actual, real life, responsibility bearing adult….ergh.

Anyway, to drown my sorrows and distract from the fact that I am in fact a 15 year old trapped inside an aging body, I have a couple of celebrations planned: a night out in London with my friends as well a trip to New York City. I wanted to do something on my blog that would be celebratory too, so I had a fab idea – why not host a big giveaway?!

I bring you: Jodetopia’s Big Birthday Giveaway!

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