Jodie Talks: Why you should be taking more selfies

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    Lets talk body image. A survey in 2016 found that in the UK, only 20% of women questioned considered themselves body confident. That’s 80% of women that said they do not have body confidence. That statistic is shocking, but unfortunately very, very real.

    I’ve definitely had my fair share of struggles with body image – in fact, it’s an ongoing daily battle. Unfortunately, however, I think most women would say the same. In today’s society, it’s almost frowned upon to actually be happy and confident within yourself – and that is the focus of my blog post today.

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    Pink Parcel – October 2016

    Pink Parcel October 2016, Jodetopia, Review, Subscription Box, Dr Paw Paw, Merumaya, Anatomicals, Barry M, Vita Coco, Rare Nails, Sass

    So… I’m sorry – I know this box review is MONTHS late but hey, if you’ve read my latest rambly post, you’ll realise I’m a busy gal!  Anyway, let’s get on with it… I honestly get SO excited when my Pink Parcel lands on my doorstep every month… it’s always packed full of goodies! I realised I’ve not actually shown you guys what the box looks like when it arrives – I explained in my first post all about what comes in the little labelled mini boxes ( e.g. tampons), but I wanted to show you guys how neat and simple the actual packaging is!

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