5 Things I Wish I’d Known in the First Week of Being a Mum

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    If you’re late to the party, you may not have heard my most recent news – I’m a mum! Whilst the little man laid sleeping on my chest right now is a good 7 weeks old (sorry but WHERE has that time gone?!?), there’s a LOT of things I wish I had known in the first week of being a mum.


    I recently discovered that back in the day, and in some other countries, you would stay in hospital for a good few days or even a week after giving birth – even if you’ve had a normal delivery. This time would be spent bonding with your baby, recovering from birth but most importantly – especially for first time mums like myself – learning how to look after your baby. You would actually be shown how to bath your baby. How to make up bottles. How to cut their nails. How to change a poopy nappy. All of the essentials to give you that peace of mind that you CAN look after your tiny little human and you’re doing everything right.


    Now, don’t get me wrong, we paid for and attended an NCT class which was excellent but in the great scheme of things – putting a nappy on a doll is NOT the same as putting a nappy on a wriggly, crying baby after they’ve just been forced out of their happy little sanctuary inside your belly. So, the fact we were turfed out of the hospital pretty quickly after birth meant we were literally left to our own devices. The hospital just trust that you know what you’re doing, and all I can really say is thank god we did decide to do NCT, else we wouldn’t have had a bloody clue!


    Whilst I do believe it’s true that your maternal/paternal instincts kick in, and there is of course an element of common sense too, there are definitely a few things I wish someone had told me in all the glorious detail about that first week of being a mum. So, here I am, going to tell the world in this blog post what I wish someone had told me…

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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Our First Father’s Day

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    On most Father’s Days, I only have the generations above me to worry about. This year, however, I have a new father to consider: Taylor. For those of you who don’t know, Taylor is my boyfriend, and therefore just coincidently happens to also be the father of my son, Arthur. Seeing as Taylor spoiled me rotten for my first Mother’s Day (I received the most gorgeous Tiffany necklace and a personalised memory box) it is only fair that I ensure his is just as special. To help anybody else struggling out there, I thought I’d share my Father’s Day gift ideas so far…


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    Fashion World Favourite Finds: My Summer Wardrobe

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    I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is in desperate need of a summer spruce up – especially since my body size and shape has completely changed since giving birth to baby Arthur. 


    I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I’m spending a LOT of time searching the web for cheap and cheerful clothes – so much so that I literally type ‘women’s clothes sale’ into Google. Always trying to find a bargain! I had a sudden realisation the other day, though. Why do I keep buying cheap clothes that either lack in quality or don’t actually fit properly and make me feel confident? My self esteem and body confidence is at an all time low since giving birth, so I really need to be investing in quality, staple pieces that are made well, fit well, and give me the confidence to say ‘I feel good wearing this’. 

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