A Life Update…

    A Newborn baby named Arthur laying on a cream shaggy rug next to a sign with his date of birth and weight.




    Firstly, I should apologise – I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time now. I took a ‘blogging break’ which kind of just kept extending itself and then life happened, you know?!


    I’m here today to *hopefully* get back into the swing of blogging with an exciting life update. If you follow me on Instagram you may already have heard my announcement but if not… I’m a Mum!

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    Jodie Talks: National Siblings Day – 10 Thank You’s to my Sister

    National Siblings Day, Jodetopia

    So… did you know that it’s ‘National Siblings Day’ today?! Yeah… neither did I until last week. It made my heartstrings twang a little bit, though – I realised that I very rarely say thanks to my lovely sister Emma for all that she’s done for me over the years. So… let’s change that. Emma – this is a very public ‘thank you’ to being the wonderful big sis you are.


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    I Dressed Up My Man! Ft Dobell

    Dobell, menswear, blazer, suit, shirt, jodetopia, fashion, menswear fashion, menswear blogger, blogger


    You may have seen my boyfriend Taylor on my social media, and mentioned in certain previous blog posts, but I’ve never got him to be my lil model… until now! I’ve been wanting Taylor to get more involved in my blog – he hears me talk about it constantly, supports me when I’m squirrelled away writing, and tries not to get mad at me when I have makeup and tripods sprawled across the house. So when an opportunity came about with Dobell to create a look for him, I thought: heck yes. Lets dress my man up for the blog!

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