Summer Makeup with Just My Look

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    The internet has introduced us to a multitude of new abilities – we can see pictures of cats sitting like humans, find a recipe for the leftovers in the fridge or stream hundreds of thousands of TV shows – all from the click of a button, and a few typed words into Google. Being a self confessed beauty and skincare addict, the internet has undoubtedly changed the way that I choose, buy and use makeup. Long gone are the days of simply strolling into Boots and choosing whatever I fancy on the day –  the internet brings the ability to conduct hard core research on every new foundation release and hours on pinterest searching for the perfect Kylie Lip Kit dupe. I, like many others, now prefer to do my shopping online, and that’s where Just My Look come in.


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    Four Podcasts That You Need To Be Listening To!

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    Podcasts have been around for a pretty long time now, but are actually only something I’ve discovered in the last year or so. There’s literally podcasts for everything – from ghost stories, to comedy and TED Talks, you’re bound to find a podcast with a topic that excites and interests you. I actually find it quite difficult to find new podcasts to listen to, as there don’t seem to be many reviews out there on the type of podcasts I’m into… so…. I thought I’d share a few of my personal faves, for anyone else looking for new podcasts!

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    A Simple and Indulgent Tea Bread Recipe

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    I absolutely love baking – it’s fun, relaxing, and rewarding. Nothing makes me happier than Taylor coming home to freshly baked goodies and seeing the look on his face! Girlfriend points or what?! I often don’t have the time to bake, but recently, I’ve been making more of an effort to bake some of my favourites. My long time fave recipe is definitely this Tea Bread, which is a recipe my Nan gave me years and years ago. It’s super easy to make, requires very few ingredients and is pretty darn difficult to get wrong. So, whether you’re a newbie baker or experienced baker, you’re unlikely to mess this one up!


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